The (handover) inspection identified several faults


My partner & I recently built a house in Fletcher and needed a Handover inspection completed before moving in. I rang and booked one through Mal Wright Pest and Building Inspections as I’d heard from friends he was very good. My building inspector wouldn’t let us be on the property while Mal was doing the inspection which I thought was strange but I went along with it and waited for my reports to be emailed the day after the inspection.

I had believed that the builders and supervisor were doing their job properly but apparently not! The inspection identified several faults including the stairs not being installed correctly, drainage problems and shoddy painting. Needless to say, I went back to the supervisor with the report and tried to calmly ask why…. So we are now waiting a bit longer to move into our new house as I won’t move in until it has all been fixed. The builder isn’t happy but so what, neither am I. I’m also considering having Mal come out again to re-inspect the house after the works have been completed.

Thanks to Mal for his expertise. We may not have known any different if we didn’t get him to do the inspection.