Does the inspection include plumbing and electrical testing.
No the Pest and Building Inspections Reports do not include and any electrical or plumbing inspections or any testing appliances and air-conditioners as these inspections can only be performed by licenced tradespersons being a licenced electrician for electrical inspections and a licenced plumber for plumbing inspections.
What happens if I cancel my inspection requests – is there a cancellation cost?
After booking your inspection, if you decide to cancel and have paid by credit card, there will be 4% cancellation fee deducted and the balance credited back to your credit card. This is to cover the bank fees imposed on us for merchant banking. If you decide to cancel within 24 hours of the inspection, only a 10% cancellation fee applies to cover the cover costs of administration for having taken and booked your inspection which includes any merchant banking fees that we have incurred. If you cancel less than 24 hours before the intended inspection date and time, then a 25% cancellation fee applies as we could have taken another booking for that time and with less than 24 hours notice it is very hard to fill that allocated time with another inspection.
Can I come to the Inspection whilst the inspection is being performed?
You the client can come on site and go through the dwelling and property' defects found, this on site visit is the best at the end of the inspection so the inspector can get into the inspection without interruptions and then can show you what areas are of concern. This is the best inspection you can possibly have as you can ask questions and discuss each defect on site whilst actually looking at the particular defect. When booking the inspection we must be aware you are coming so we can allow extra time to go through the defects with you and it is essential to also notify the agent and vendor that this is taking place as some agents have policies in place that purchasers are not allowed on site.
How come Mal Wright has the best name in the business and comes highly recommended by so many people?
This is because Mal Wright has been in this business for a long time and takes great pride in his reporting for Pest and Building Inspections with easy to read thorough reports that are not a generic tick list report as Mal Wrights Pest and Building Reports are individual reports that are customized to each individual property. Mal Wright has so many happy clients that refer him to their friends and relatives. Most Solicitors that do Conveyancing or Conveyancers are aware of Mal Wright as “Mr Pedantic” and acknowledge him as a very reputable Pest and Building Inspector.
How do I contact Mal Wright Pest & Building Inspections?
See the contact this web site page or phone his Newcastle office on 02 49 68 4630 or
Port Stephens office on 02 49 81 9229
Mal Wrights Mobile Phone number is 0403 092 899
You can also email him:
What if I have a special request for my report?
If you have a special request, instruction or question regarding the property and your report please let us know. We can pay particular attention to any concern or issue that you have as long as the request is within the scope of a normal building inspection. Issues such as "Can we remove internal walls if we purchase this property?", "Can we extend the house" are some examples of typical questions we may be able to address for you.
What inspection tools will the Inspector use on my inspection?
Our consultants will use a number of tools to assist in the inspection process. These include a moisture meter, digital angle reading level, torch, 3.6m ladder, measuring device, tile testing device, protective clothes and infrared thermal imaging camera. I also have Flexi-Scope camera that can access inside walls with a small 8mm hole. This is used on request only and with the permission of the vendor as I need to drill a hole in the wall.
What Licences, Experience and Accreditation does Mal Wright have?
Mal Wright is a fully UNRESTRICTED Licensed Builder with Fair Trading, NSW-Licence No. 40501. Mal started his Carpentry and Joinery apprenticeship in Sydney in 1979 and completed this certificate and apprenticeship in 1982 with a Credit Grade issued in his Trade Certificate showing his attention to detail. Mal also is a Certified Building Clerk of Works with a broad range of hands on knowledge which is a added bonus to his inspections knowing what builders can get up to try and disguise defects. Mal Wright has been in the building industry for over 34 years and has worked on many major building projects including a site supervisor on the Sydney 2000 Olympics at Homebush Village NSW. Mal Wright also has a Insurance Accreditation No. 03763 for Pest and Building Inspections Anyone whom is high or considered reputable in the building industry has heard of Mal Wright and knows him for being pedantic and thorough, that’s why the best Conveyancers and Solicitors use him to do their clients and own pest and building inspections.
What Qualifications does Mal Wright Pest & Building Inspections have?
Our Consultants are fully qualified and Licenced Builders and Certified Clerk of Works, actual Building Consultants. Our Consultants have actual practical building experience and are not just TAFE or University Students or Structural Engineers with only technical experience without an actual building background. Mal Wright is also an Accredited Timber Pest Inspector with many years experience. Mal is an expert in his fields. I only recommend using inspectors that have actually been hands on in the building industry themselves. There are other inspectors I have seen and heard of that can do these inspections in 15 minutes and that think if it takes more than 45 minutes that you are going outside the scope which is absolutely ridiculous. These inspectors are a cheaper option that many Real Estate Agents would recommend to their clients but never use them for their own purchase which I consider hypocritical. We have done over 100 inspections for agents and conveyancers when they purchase their own or their relatives property as they know we do a great job and take as long as it takes.
How do I receive my Inspection report from your company?
We always email a copy of your report directly to yourself if you have access to an email and on request for an additional $25.00 (including GST) we can print out and post a hard copy to your postal address unless otherwise requested where you can pick the report up in person from our office on appointment.