I was tossing up if the slightly higher price was worth it.


This was the first time I used Mal, but the 4th building & pest inspection I have purchased. To be honest, I was tossing up wether the slightly higher price was worth it, but after the detail and service I received, I now know it was definitely worth it. Although I can’t comment on other companies work, I can say that they certainly didn’t sound as thorough or confident of their process. If anyone is unsure about using Mal, DON’T BE, he really is Mr Pedantic IMHO, even picking up on a minor defect at the front of the house that I walked straight past several times. He also gave me invaluable information on the extent of some of the more major defects that I wasn’t sure about. And this is coming from someone who is pretty hands on. I think you will always get value out of an inspection by Mal.