Very Informative Reports.


Hi Mal,
Thank you for your reports.
I found the reports very informative, clear and enlightening.
They addressed the concerns we had about visible defects we identified in the property, and they also highlighted issues and concerns that would be apparent only to an experienced builder/pest inspector. It just shows how important it is to have an unbiased inspection by an ethical, qualified tradesperson.
We would not have known anything about the crack opening up between the two halves of the house if you hadn’t identified it, and this is a defect that could end up costing a significant amount to rectify, if it gets worse.
Equally, we would have known nothing about the poor drainage beneath the foundations until it caused other problems, and by then the cost to us could be very significant.
Your identification the termite treatment drill holes also waved some red flags for us.
I am waiting on my solicitor’s comments on the reports, but I personally believe that there are too many significant, if not major, defects/issues to make our purchase of the property, in its current condition, a sensible financial decision.
Many thanks for your inspection and the detailed reports.