Very Impressed

Good Morning Mal I was very impressed with your services and after reading the pest and building reports this morning; I was amazed at the detail you went into, listing many items that require being addressed I was unaware of. The photographs included in your report was a big help along with the wording of your reports was very easy to read and understand as they say "a picture tells a thousand words". I am going to use the reports to try and renegotiate the price and if I end up with the property will use the reports as a check list to have works done so that when I sell the property and home, that the condition will be better than it was when I purchased the property. I come from Sydney and a new comer to the area; your services including the over phone conversation going through the report was immensely helpful. Thank you again.

John Graham

Mal Wright Pest and Building Inspections

John Graham

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