Absolutely Amazed


To Mal Wright Pest and Building Inspections,
Thank you very much for spending the time with us going through your detailed pest and building reports over the phone.
It was very handy after receiving the email and also receiving the hard printed copy in the mail which was very well presented and gave us something to keep as a record other than an electronic record.
We have shown many of our friends your report who some are in the building industry who commented on how professional your reports are.
When we rang around to find prices you were about $65 dearer than other options, however having heard horror stories of people choosing the cheaper option we thought $65 extra was not so much extra for such a large investment to be assured that the inspections were carried out by a professional such as yourself.
We have used the reports as a checklist to fix all the defects that you noted, minor and major so that one day when we sell the house we won’t have the problems you noted.
We are very proud house owners thanks to your great report.