No wonder they say you are the best in the business.


Hi Mal,
Thank you so much for your pest and building report on our recent purchase in the Newcastle area. The reason we used you is when we took a look at the house with the Real Estate Agent we noticed some defects with the house and then when we received our pest and building reports from another company the items we noticed were not in those reports so we asked around and on recommendation we had a second lot of reports done where we used yourself. After receiving your very very thorough reports we realised that the first inspections were inadequate, hard to read and the inspector had missed many items. There was no comparison between your reports and the previous reports we received with your report being very readable and the pictures helped. We managed to get a large price reduction on the property from being aware of all of the defects noted in your report where the other report from the other company would not have allowed us to do so as it did not alarm us with the defects to be able to make negotiations on the property.
Thank you so much once again..