With Boundless Thanks


Dear Mal,
Please be my guest in submitting this testimonial on your web site.
Mal Wright just saved me from making the biggest financial mistake in my lifetime. In comparison to the amount of money that I invested in the building and pest inspection, it saved me hundreds and thousands of dollars and also saved me from mountains of stress and anxiety in addition to financial ruin! This all equalling to many sleepless nights in addition to having a negative effect on my health.
When I spoke to Mal his genuine concern shone through, where he went about explaining in detail the atrociousness state of the property.
Please note: that the property looked as pretty as a post card, there was no way the buyer could have known anything was wrong, the kitchen and bathroom had been renovated and the advertisement on the web stated (Nothing to do but move in)
The bottom line is that Mal Wright saved me $50,000 to $60,000 in fixing the pending issues, and on top of that the sales price of the property.
With boundless GRATITUDE!

Thank you Mal!!