Our Church used you so we also used you and we are very impressed.


Hi Mal,
Our church used you and recommended you to us so we used your services to be grateful for your report.

We received a pest and building report from the seller and decided to get our own report and I thank god for that as you identified many defects the sellers report did not note. We had a builder in on your advice to go through your thought pest and building Report to quote on rectifying all the defects too discover there was $25000 worth of work to be done which we would not have been aware of. We negotiated a better price on the property and continued with the purchase. We are getting the repairs done before settlement to minimize disruption.

We thank you so much, your help and service is amazing. Thank you for taking the time on the phone to discuss the reports even though it was 7pm you still answered your phone which we were surprised at although very grateful.

The photos in the report was very helpful along with the well presented printed reports you sent to us.