I’d heard that Mal is pedantic and this is certainly true.


I have seen too many pest and building reports that are rushed, generic and superficial. When buying a property that we could potentially be in for decades to come, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars we really wanted to make a wise decision. I’d heard that Mal is pedantic and this is certainly true. His report was thorough and alerted us to a number of issues we would not have otherwise seen. He provided comprehensive explanations of not only the problems with the property but suggested solutions to fix them. He made an effort to inspect the subfloor and roof areas of the house and his report was filled with very helpful photos to accompany his recommendations. He was also happy to talk at length on the phone regarding the details he provided. Additionally, Mal (along with his administration support staff) were prompt, professional and very personable. I highly recommend his service.

Mal’s attention to detail, thorough reporting, professional manner, and prompt service are second to none.

We will be recommending Mal to friends and family and will definitely be going to him for any future pest and building matters.