Handover for our new home


We recently moved into our new home in Cliftleigh. Being first time builders we were very anxious during the whole process, worrying about things being missed and trades not caring enough to make sure everything was right. When we were getting close to PCI (practical completion) a close friend suggested we get a private inspector to go through the property, as she had been burned through her own builders mistakes. We trusted our site supervisor, but thought it couldn’t hurt to get a second set of eyes look over the place. Very glad we did, Mal was able to pick up on a list of minor things the builders didn’t; doors not painted on the tops and bottoms, excess concrete on the alfresco area and rainwater tank sections of slab and a few more things which the builder fixed up for us before we moved in. Very happy with the end result, thanks for alleviating our nerves Mal. -Kiera and Pauline