Endorse his skills and product as both value for money, and a smart investment in your future peace of mind.


I always knew that when it was time to finally take the plunge and buy a house, that I was going to rely on the best building and pest inspector I could find. And that’s why I decided to choose Mal Wright Pest and Building Inspections was competitively priced and had good reviews, but I poured over his website and felt confident from the moment he responded to my initial email that he was a good operator and knew his business . His attention to detail was as advertised and I was very pleased at how responsive he was in communicating with me. Mal performed a combined building and pest inspection for me, including Meth swabs, and additional requests including inspecting a number of outbuildings, conducting a roof space investigation, and also to identify if specified pests that I am allergic to were present in the house. I also had the pleasure of going out on site and got to discuss my plans for my new home and watch Mal in action. He sure as hell worked for my dollar. He was covered in mud and grime and spiderwebs, and a great big smile and he truly was pedantic in identifying any and all minor and major issues with the property. What should have been a 1.5 hour inspection took far longer and he did it without complaint, making sure to really investigate all the areas needed. In sweltering heat and after normal business hours, Mal kept going until he ticked everything off my list. As Mal’s inspection took quite a bit longer than anticipated, he was very upfront that my report would also be delayed by a day on the basis of the detail he wanted to put in the report, and I was happy to wait. I was very happy to get his comprehensive report on the issues the property I was looking at had. While I had elected not to make my purchase contract conditional on the report, utilising an extended cooling off period instead, I was content that I understood what the issues were and had some good ideas on what to do about it, so I went into the sale eyes wide open ( which was great because there were issues , and some things that had not been done correctly by the vendor/ builder that would need to be rectified soon), and I was reassured as to the value and condition of the property thanks to Mal’s report and thoroughness. I would not hesitate to recommend Mal to anyone else seeking a building or pest inspection. I know that I will certainly use him again should I need his services again and endorse his skills and product as both value for money, and a smart investment in your future peace of mind.