Wow Thermal Imaging and the Flexiscope


To Mal Wright
Thank you for your assistance with your modern tools in my day we didn’t have that sort of technologically although televisions where just released for the common person and black and white TV is all that existed. I was referred to you from 3 different people and found your services fantastic and unbelievable, thank you for demonstrating the thermal imaging camera to show me what it does. You came to our house and detected termites that recent previous pest experts did not find and you even found live termites which was scary although you provided us a pest expert to treat the dwelling and rid the termites. My wife and I are over 80 years old and yes we were very distressed with your findings however have since realized without your expertise the damage over time would of escalated and devastate our home. Do other pest experts and companies know of your tools, do you advertise and why are you not a pest expert with your knowledge?
I have told all the people at the bowling club about you and I think others should know of what the tools you have combined.